Do you know everything about Superman? If not READ THIS!!!!!

Clark Kent grew up in Smallville, Kansas with his parents Martha and Jonathon Kent. He comes from a planet called Krypton. On Earth if he gets near the kryptonaian rock to long he will die. Clarks birth name is Kal-EL. His birth parents names are Jor-EL and Laur-EL. The yellow sun of Earth gives him abilities such as speed, x-ray vission, micro-vission, heat vission, and he can fly. Clark has a cousin named Kara Zorrel. His first love in highschool was Lana Lang. He married Lois Lane. They both worked as reporters at the Dailey Planet. The biggest threats he has is Zod and what was his closes friend Lex Luthor. The different color rocks from his planet makes him do different things like the green kryptonite will kill him, red kryptonite makes him go wild, crazy, and sometimes angry. Clark has a fortrus of solitude where he talks to what was left of his father and the fortrus looked liked his home planet Krypton and he was training to become more then he was and to learn about where he came from.

What abou you ?

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The Movie Pan ?

In the movies Peter Pan James Hooke is always the bad guy out to get him, but in the movie Pan he is the good guy helping Peter. This time the bad guy is Black Beard why is that ? Why do they just go on and change up the story ? Some people could get confused about it. Why can’t the creators of these PeterPan movies just make up their decisions about who the bad guy and good guy is. I mean who just changes movies up like that. But i’m not saying it was a bad movie. I give it two thumbs up and four gold stars. Was there any point to changing up the bad guy in the story ? Can anyone tell me that.

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I’m starting a blog because I love to write. My blogs will mostly be about Fictional things like superman but it will also be about, not just my opinions but other people to. If you disagree and don’t want to hear about what i’m writting about then don’t read it. THANK YOU